Dog Beds

Our dog bed section focuses on high quality, value for money beds. They are built to last and are not made with cheap materials or fillings. Most are machine washable and many have removeable covers.
We have a large range of duvets, rectangle sided beds, round sided beds, elevated beds, plastic beds and blankets.



Blankets are available in lots of sizes and designs. We have basic fleece blankets, mats, non slip backed blankets, snuggly blankets and many more.



The Samoa range of beds are well made, sturdy and waterproof. They can be taken apart for washing and can be used outside too.

Waterproof Matress


We have a range of mattresses with a fleecy cover and a waterproof cover under this cover. These are fab as you can just wash the covers and keep the filling clean and dry at all times.



The Foam Bed range stand out from the market as they use premium foam that is both soft but sturdy within the walls of the bed made from the highest quality of synthetic raw materials.
The Rectangular bed has a 100% polyester base. This bed comes with a premium feature whereby the cushioning within the walls of the bed is also completely removable. This is achieved by the use of zip on the base of the bed making the cover easily machine washable.

Anti Anxiety Beds

Anti Anxiety Beds 

Cushions and beds available. Long haired plush feel perfect for animals suffering with anxiety (or those looking for an extra plush feel bed).

Earthbound Cushions

EarthBound Cushions & Crate mats

The Cushions are the ultimate luxury for your pet being some of the deepest filled you will find on the market with hollow fibre. This is the same material that is used in the vast majority of cushions for human use ensuring your pet benefits from the same comfort you enjoy through the night.
The Cage Mat Range stands out on the market due to their quality, designs, durability and their multiple purposes. They are filled with thermal bonded Polyester Staple Fibre

Vet Bed

Vet bed is available by the metre in original and non slip and comes in various colours. It’s machine washable and can be tumble dried on low. Great for puppies as they don’t tend to chew it. It can be cut to size for beds and crates.

Elevated beds come in 4 different styles and sizes. These beds are great for older dogs to keep them off the floor and out of drafts. They work really well in kennels too. One style is enclosed too which is perfect for them to snuggle in.

Elevated Beds
Memory Foam

We have some great genuine memory foam beds, these are really good for older dogs, dogs with joint problems or just for a really comfy bed.

Plastic Beds

Plastic beds come in 5 different sizes and 3 different colours. They are easy to clean and a bit more robust.

Cat Beds

Cat beds are available in lots of different styles, some of the smaller dog bed make great cat beds too.

We have igloos, cuddle caves and sack style beds. Perfect for cats that like to be enclosed. Radiator beds for those that can't resist keeping warm and Blankets are available in lots of sizes, fabrics and patterns.


Window suction beds are a new innovative product. They suction onto any window or door. Available in several styles they are space saving and perfectly positioned for watching over everything going on, both inside and outside.


Deluxe Suction bed

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