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Help keep your pets cool this summer 

cooling mat

Cooling mats are available in 5 sizes. They supports regulation of body temperature on warm days, nylon look (polyester) enables cooling through body contact and works without additional cooling, electricity or water. Keeps cools for several hours and are ready to be used again after a short interruption.
can also be used e.g. on beds, in dog kennels or in the car. simply wipe to clean.

Cooling bandana

Cooling Bandana

Available in 3 sizes made of highly absorbent PVA
supports thermoregulation e.g. in sport, training and competitions. Cools by evaporation, reusable
with hook and loop fastener.

Cooling Vest

Cooling Vest 

Available in 4 sizes and made of highly absorbent PVA. Supports thermoregulation, ideal for older dogs. Cools by evaporation, reusable with hook and loop fastener.

Hurtta Cooling vest

Hurtta Cooling Vest

Dip in cold water – wring dry – cool down! Cools and gives your dog a feeling of comfort on hot days. Protects the heart region and chest, vital for circulation. Ideal for walks, training sessions and dog shows. Double absorption capacity in comparison with terry cloth coats. Sizes XXS-S have attachment loops for leash.

Cooling Plate made from ceramic suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs. It supports regulation of body temperature on warm days. Natural cooling by placing it in the shade or
place in the fridge before use for additional cooling. Non-slip due to rubber feet and simply wipe with a wet cloth to clean.

Cooling plate
Ruffwear Jet Stream

Ruffwear Jet Stream 

Efficiently cools dogs during light and fast, high-intensity adventures through shading and evaporative cooling. In warm climates, dogs typically stay cool by seeking shade in the heat of the day. The light and sleek Jet Stream uses shade-providing spandex over the back, while Ruffwear’s three-layer evaporative cooling chest panel disperses heat from the dog’s core. To activate the Jet Stream, soak in water, wring out, zip on your dog, and go.

Rash vests

EzyDog Rash Vest

Provides 50+ UV sun protection for your dog - the perfect dog accessory on hot sunny days. Your dog will be the coolest on the beach! Made using quality, high visibility lycra for a stretch fit together with fast drying, odour resistant, easy to wash fabric.


EasiDri Cooling Coat

Super absorbent, Easidri has a unique cell structure which slowly releases its moisture, cooling your dog for hours. The coat cools as water slowly evaporates, use in hot weather to keep your dog cool and comfortable. Re-usable and machine washable, supplied in a handy storage case always ready for use. It is tough and durable and resists tearing and shredding. Easy to fit with adjustable touch and close chest and stomach straps.

Cool Bone

Natural rubber bone that absorbs water,
water then leaks out through little holes when chewed.
To make it extra refreshing simply freeze dumbbell


Doggy Sunmist provides the fastest, most convenient way to protect your dog from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays whenever they're outdoors. The gentle, non-greasy formula was developed especially for dogs and compares to SPF 15 rated sunscreens for people. Simply spray all over anytime your dog is out in the sun, especially on ears, nose, muzzle, pink skin areas and entire coat of light colored or short haired dogs.

Sunscreen Balm

SunScreen Balm
Protects nose, skin folds and ears against medium solar radiation (SPF 20)
supports the natural protective barrier of the skin amd long-lasting moisturizing effect.

Cooling Ball made from thermoplastic rubber (TPR),
robust and durable absorbs water.
Water leaks out through little holes when chewed
to make it extra refreshing simply freeze.

Cool Ball
Cool Down

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