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Our dog treat range is huge (and growing weekly) where to start…… 


Our Focus is on natural treats. You will find Ostrich tendons and bones, Pigs ears, goats ears, buffalo ears, pigs tails, pigs snouts, buffalo tails, Buffalo trachea, bull Pizzles, lamb pizzles, buffalo braided pizzles, beef tendons, beef tails, lamb tails, hooves, air dried bones - these are not cooked so the risk of splintering is much lower, cow udders, lamb spaghetti, tripe and jerky. We have recently added cow ears and lamb ears with hair to our range, these are a great natural wormer and are proving very popular. 



Antlers are a long lasting chew as are buffalo horns both are available in several sizes, these are not recommended for puppies under 4 months or powerful chewers.

Grain Free Pick N Mix

Grain Free Pick N Mix

A selection of grain free treats available for you to dispense £7.99 a Kilo. 



Made from Casein, the protein found in milk. Casein slows digestion and promotes fat loss by increasing metabolism making these a great low fat treat.


Wood chews are a good alternative to antlers, Good wood chews come from a coffee tree and are available in 3 sizes and won’t splinter they just shed fibres.


Pre Packed biscuits
Marowbones, Gravy bones, Liver squares aswell as plenty of grain-free options.

Antos Root Chews are hand crafted from a special tuber root. Suitable for puppies they won’t splinter, are low in fat and satisfy the natural urge to chew.

Deer antlers, Buffalo horns, Yakers, Pluto’s, Whimzees, Pet Munchies, Good Wood, Root chews, Fish 4 Dogs, True Hemp, Forthglade, Carnilove, Pooch & Mutt, Nature’s menu, Greenies, Pawtato vegan treats, Frozzys and many more brands are stocked too. We also have lots of training treats available.

Sweet Shop

Sweet Shop

Our Sweet shop section is hugely popular with a variety of different tasty treats many of which are 7 for £5.

Birthday treats


Not forgetting Birthday’s we have Woofins and cakes.

Pick N Mix

Pick 'n' Mix

We have a pic n mix biscuit stand, this is great if you just like a few of lots of different biscuits and just £3.99 per kilo. We also have a large range of prepacked biscuits such as marrowbones, bonios and gravy bones plus the full range from Betty Miller.


Ostrich bones, tendons and spaghetti are available. The bones will not splinter making them some of the safest bones on the market. The tendons are long lasting and great for cleaning teeth!



Made from a mix of skimmed Yak and cow milk with a little lime juice to harden the milk, they are then smoke dried for 28 days to give them their unique flavour. 



A vegetable based treat, they come in sticks, toothbrushes, bones, alligators and hedgehogs. Although not a long lasting chew they are a healthy treat and are great for cleaning teeth.

True Hemp

True Hemp

Made with hemp seed oil, it can help to reduce joint pain, improve the condition of skin and coat, strengthens immune systems and can help with anxiety issues. 

Pet Munchies 
 A natural treat, available with chicken, duck, venison and beef in various different forms. This range is all 2 for £5 in store. They also produce some amazing training treats which should keep even the fussiest dogs coming back for more.

Pet Munchies
Fish 4 Dogs

Forth glade treats come in 5 different varieties. They are grain free and have a  high meat content.
Carnilove grain free treats are a great healthy treat too, available in a soft treat for something a bit different.
Natures Menu training treats are 95% meat, an irresistible training treat.
Greenies have a chewy texture for cleaning teeth, they freshen breath and are easy to digest
Fish 4 Dogs treats are 100% dried fish, full of omega oils and completely natural. They are great for cleaning teeth too. 

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