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Raw Food

Raw feeding is becoming increasingly popular, the difference it can make to your dog is tremendous. We stock the following ranges. Nutriment, Cotswold Raw, Natures Menu, Country Hunter, True Instinct, Betsy's,Paleo Ridge, NatuRaw, DAF and Purrform.

Nutriment is a multi award winning 85% meat raw food which is one of the highest meat content foods available, the meat is sourced from Britain wherever possible. It comes in handy 500g trays or the more economical 1.4kg chubbs. There is also a range of Just meat so you can add your own offal, bone and vegetables if you prefer and a range specifically for small dogs, dinner for dogs.



Hand prepared with fresh, human grade meat. All Betsy’s products come in small, compostable boxes. The sleeves are completely recyclable too.

Paleo Ridge

Paleo Ridge

Paleo Ridge Raw is an Award-winning family run working dog food business based rural Hampshire.
Range of complete foods based on the “80-10-10” principle which in plain terms means 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% organ.


Durham (Daf)

Developed with nothing added and nothing taken away, working closely with (DEFRA), to ensure that all the products are of the highest possible standard and that all ingredients are ethically sourced. Simple clear, transparent, sealed and fully recyclable (where facilities allow) packaging is used for the products.


Kefir Paws Alexander's Natural

Home made using organic cow’s milk and organic fruit. Kefir is packed full of nutrition. A much more powerful probiotic than any yoghurt! Kefir has potent antibacterial qualities and helps to improve bone health. Kefir can help balance the gut and can help with all sorts of digestive disorders and improve the immune system. Also helps with yeast issues. 

Bone Broth

Bone Broth
Great for: Arthritis and Stiff Joints, Gut Health, Allergies, Immune System Support. Sick, Elderly, Recovering Dogs, Preventing Joint and Cartilage Damage.

RAW freezers

Cotswold Raw 

80% meat, available in a mince form or a sausage. The sausage is great for portion control It also looks like a sausage so it’s perfect for those who are put off raw feeding by the look of it.



British meat, carefully selected and then hand packed in North Yorkshire. Tubs are made from recycled sugarcane (compostable). DEFRA approved, clearly labeled ingredients (80/10/10).


Natures Menu, Country Hunter and True Instinct

We stock all available freeflow minces, mince blocks (400g), along with the country hunter nugget range and true instinct.


A complete raw diet , grain-free, high in protein, containing only what a cat would eat in the wild. Made with 100% human grade meat which includes raw meat, offal and finely ground bones. Available in either 70g pouches or 450g tubs.

We also stock frozen marrow bones, trachea, necks, sprats, ribs, wing tips, whole wings, hearts, and carcasses. These are a great addition to your raw feeding for keeping teeth clean, mental stimulation and exercise for their neck, jaw and paws.

Dog Friendly Ice Cream
is the dog treat with a difference you won’t find any preservatives, artificial colours or flavours in Frozzys frozen yogurts. Natural, simple and healthy ingredients that your pooch will love eating and you will love feeding them. Available in singles or 4 packs.

Billy & Margot ice treats are fun, refreshing and made using pure fruit and coconut oil. Available in 3 delicious flavours, choose between:- Apple, Banana and Carrot, Honey and Banana or Strawberry and Apple.


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